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  Southwest Radio
The Final Countdown
Part 1
  Southwest Radio
The Final Countdown
Part 2
  Jan Markell
Sept 23, 2017
  Lamb & Lion
The Rapture
  Jan Markell
The Rapture
  View From The Bunker
The Rapture
  Southwest Radio
The Rapture  - Part 1
  Southwest Radio
The Rapture - Part 2



Mission Statement

Get A Life Ministries, Inc

We believe in the soon return of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Our mission is to share the gospel in any way possible to reach the lost and encourage the church to be watching and keeping our lives holy in anticipation of His return, through our online videos and DVD studies. Most of the media produced by Get A Life Ministries is offered free of charge either through downloads or online viewing. DVD quality video is available for free download on most studies with DVD's available for a small donation.

What then is my reward? Just this: that in preaching the gospel I may offer it free of charge...1 Corinthians 9:18


What's New

New Releases:
The Satanic War on the Christian - Volume 3
Book - Drones, Artificial Intelligence & The Coming Human Annihilation
Upcoming Releases:
Book - UFO's The Great Last Days Deception
World Religions Volume 11 - Christian Science

Featured Studies

Attack of the Drones & Artificial Intelligence
14 Parts on 14 DVD's - $49
Online streaming/download - $39
Book - Drones, Artificial Intelligence & The Coming Human Annihilation

The Final Countdown Ultimate Version
50 Studies on 27 DVD's - $59.00
Also available in Book Format - V1 & V2
Online Viewing

The Final Countdown Update 1
30 Studies on 15 DVD's - $39
Also available in Book Format - V3
Online Viewing

The Rapture - Don't Be Deceived

14 Studies on 7 DVD's - $49
Approximately 17 hours of teaching
Available in DVD, Flash Drive, Book & Study Guide
Online streaming/download - $39


Conference Schedule

2018 Schedule:
Apr 20-22 - Red Lion Faith Chapel - Southampton, NJ
May 18-19 - Lamb & Lion Regional Conference - 412 Church - San Jacinto, CA
June 29-July 1st - Future Hope Conference - Brisbane, Australia
July 13-14 - Lamb & Lion Bible Conference - Allen, TX
Sept 29th - Understanding The Times 2018 - Jan Markell - Eden Prairie, MN
Oct 12-14 - 2nd Annual Blessed Hope Prophecy Forum - Norman, OK
Oct 27th - What In The World is Going On? - Abbottsford, BC Canada

2019 Schedule:
Feb 9-10, 2019 - Purpose Baptist Church - Opelika, AL
Mar 22-23, 2019 - Brandon, MB, Canada
Aug 30 - Sep 1, 2019 - Grace Baptist Church - Chariton, IA


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