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Renewing Your Faith

Series Description:

One of the strangest behaviors in the American Church is how we Christians can start out on fire in our walk with God, but over time we can actually consider it a drudgery to spend time with God. So the obvious question is, "What happened?" "How did it get this way?" and "Is there any hope?" Fortunately, the answer is YES! You see, sometimes before we can move forward in our walk with Jesus Christ, we simply need to Renew Our Faith with Jesus Christ. We need to recapture the right motive for spending time with Him and stay there. That motive is simply this; that we have a beautiful loving intimate personal relationship with the Creator of the Universe, not some dry, stale, stupid, boring, man made religion. Therefore, this study, Renewing Your Faith, encourages us to take a fresh look at why we do what we do as Christians through the eyes of a beautiful loving intimate personal relationship with God. These would include Renewing Your Prayer, Renewing Your Worship, Renewing Your Service, Renewing Your Bible Study, Renewing Your Fellowship, and Renewing Your Witness. If you've ever found yourself crying out, "Help I'm a Christian and I can't grow up!" or "Help I'm a Christian and I'm dead as a stump!" then I've got good news for you. It doesn't have to be this way. Sometimes before you can move forward in your walk with Jesus Christ, you simply need to Renew Your Faith with Him and start treating your walk with God like it really is. A beautiful loving intimate personal relationship with the Creator of the Universe!

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