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The Sovereignty of God - Page 1  
If thereís one universal question we all have in life, itís got to be this, ďWhy is there evil and suffering in the world?Ē And then, to make matters worse, some people would actually think that at the moment you become a Christian, you will never have to experience hardships of any kind. And yet, even though the Bible clearly teaches to the contrary, many people, even Christians, just canít see any rhyme or reason why a Wise and Loving God would ever allow difficulties to come their way. Therefore, this study, ďThe Soverignty of GodĒ takes a look at the multitude of wise and loving reasons why God allows difficulties to come into the lives of His people. You see, Godís not being some sort of cosmic terrorist when He allows troubles to come our way, and He certainly isnít trying to torture us. No! God loves each and everyone of His children and therefore He has a wise and loving purpose for everything we go through in life, including our pain. And once we realize this, we are finally in a position to soar above any and all problems that would ever come our way. And isnít that what all we pray for?







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